Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Where can I find more technical details about the project?
A: This web site ( was being set up in October 2002 and will run until April 2005. It is dedicated to the DRM Software Radio Project. So all the technical details will be published here, and discussed on the forum.
Q:Who is this receiver aimed at?
A: This receiver is available in advance of any DRM consumer products, so it's really for
those interested in both new technology and existing radio transmissions in the AM
wavebands. We hope a lot of radio amateurs and DXers will try the software. A good
working knowledge of electronics will keep the conversion costs down, but for those
who are not happy modifying their receiver, alternatives are available, see the Related links page.
Q:When will the software be available?
A: The beta version will be tested by DRM members during October and November
before General release at the beginning of December 2002. This software will be availale until 1st April 2005.
Q:How much will the software cost?
A: The price of the license is 60€ although this will be reduced to 45€ for the last 3 months of the project (January-March 2005).
Q:Why are you charging for the software?
A: This price of the software is to cover upfront and per license royalty payments for the technologies, part of the cost of the software development, and the costs of setting and maintaining the web site. The idea is to cover the costs of the project, but not to make a profit. But everything depends on exactly how many copies are sold.
Q:How will the software be available?
A: It will be available to download from this web site. The program is about 13Mb. You will also need a key to activate the software, this will be e mailed separately.
Q: Is the software time limited?
A: No, the software will keep on working forever. But the support for the software is via this web site and that will cease in March of 2006, 1 year after the last copy is sold.
Q: Will there be updates to the software ?
A: Yes there will be regular updates and there is no cost to upgrade as the new versions will be made available to registered users.
Q: Will there be an OS X version?
A: Sorry, Although we are fans of the new Apple operating system, we only predict a few thousand sales of the software. So we can't justify the development costs of a Apple version.
Q:Why do I need a receiver with 12kHz IF?
A: This frequency is within the range of PC soundcards. Many Radio receivers have an IF of 455kHz, so the extra circuit board mixes this down to the soundcard range. The PC soundcard is used to analyse the DRM signal.

Q:What type of equipment will I need?

A: Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 98. An AT-compatible PC with 500 MHz Intel Pentium processor (or equivalent), 64 MB RAM, 50 MB free disk space,16-bit SoundBlaster (or compatible) soundcard that supports full duplex at 48 kHz sampling rate for input and output; the input must be without AGC (Automatic Gain Control); for example: Creative SoundBlaster Live! Or "USB One" USB audio interface. Notebook soundcards are not always compatible, and a compatibility list will be published. A front end receiver is also required, an AOR7030 or another receiver which can be modified. The modification is the addition of an extra circuit board to produce an extra Intermediate Frequency (IF) of 12kHz. A number of companies already sell these conversion boards. See the Modification area of this web site.
If you have any questions that are not covered in this FAQ section please post them on the FAQ section of the forum.
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