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tpreitzel 19-05-2017 15:31

USCG Tests @ Various Frequencies from Kodiak, AK
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May 19th log ... This test broadcast was loaded with Journaline, Weather Maps, etc, along with some binary file apparently. Signal strength wasn't quite good enough consistently, but at least the USCG is using an excellent configuration for only 800 watts or so. Keep it up. Get rid of WEFAX.

tpreitzel 23-05-2017 19:18

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May 23rd log ... IIRC from the previous log, bit-rate was ~ 11 kbps.

Digger 24-05-2017 08:02

@Tom, Interesting catch!
I added Kodiak on 8000, 9900 and 12100 kHz to the TX List this morning. Perhaps a dream (!) but I'll try to "receive" this broadcast here in Stockholm.

MARCEL 24-05-2017 09:05


I have no receive signal in Northeast France then 22.5.17 of 9900 Khz at 16H00:mad: :mad:

tpreitzel 24-05-2017 18:02


You do have the USCG's schedule of frequencies through October of 2017, correct? I'm assuming so since you added these frequencies to DRM Log Plotter. You can find it on-line, e.g. DRMNA's group on Yahoo, I think. If you're currently in Japan, you should be able to receive it, but Europe would be another matter entirely. Thanks for adding the frequency to DRM Logger.


Good luck trying to receive these tests in Europe. I won't say it's impossible in Europe with perfect atmospheric conditions. I'm ~2,000 (?) miles from the transmitter at my location and the signal is generally quite weak. Also, I'd try a different time than 1600Z. Look at the times in my logs for possibilities. (UTC)

tpreitzel 24-05-2017 18:06

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May 24th log ...

I think the USCG will switch to 5200 kHz today. The maximum logged SNR is a spurious result. The average SNR appears to be about 5 dB here. BTW, the actual bit-rate is 11.5 kbps.

MARCEL 24-05-2017 19:59

Ok Mister tpreitzel for this infos, I will test other time, I think is better to Winter for Europe.

Merci beaucoup pour votre réaction.


Digger 24-05-2017 20:25


Originally Posted by tpreitzel
Terje, You do have the USCG's schedule of frequencies through October of 2017, correct? I'm assuming so since you added these frequencies to DRM Log Plotter.

Yes I found some interesting information at "WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News" about this project, including the frequencies. At present my QTH is Stockholm, so there is a slim chance that I will be able to see anything at all from Kodiak. And my next Japan visit is scheduled for November 2017 so that will be too late.

Thank you for starting the thread. I will check on your logs regularly.

Digger 25-05-2017 21:11

USCG Schedule
26.05.2017, 12100 kHz from 1600-2359 UTC
27.05.2017, 12100 kHz from 0000-2359 UTC
28.05.2017, 12100 kHz from 0000-2359 UTC
29.05.2017, 12100 kHz from 0000-1600 UTC
29.05.2017, 8000 kHz from 1600-2359 UTC
30.05.2017, 8000 kHz from 0000-2359 UTC
31.05.2017, 8000 kHz from 0000-1600 UTC
31.05.2017, 6850 kHz from 1600-0000 UTC

This was given to me by the USCG.

tpreitzel 25-05-2017 22:42

I appreciate the list. It needs to be consistently updated, though. It's especially difficult without an accurate list and schedule for those DRMRX members who might want to try logging the USCG's DRM broadcasts. At least, I can try various frequencies and see if a signal appears.

tpreitzel 26-05-2017 19:27

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May 26th log ...

tpreitzel 30-05-2017 20:43

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May 30th log ... very brief appearance

tpreitzel 31-05-2017 21:24

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May 31st log ...

Disregard. I think the problem is solved, Terje.

2600+ miles, eh, from Kodiak, AK to my location.

BTW, in regard to your e-mail, you probably DID receive the USCG's broadcast on 12100 as you'd have a low probability of knowing the USCG has been testing a double channel of 20 kHz occasionally. I haven't posted those experiments because DReaM won't synchronize on them for some reason. Awesome and congratulations! :)

Digger 01-06-2017 07:55


Regarding the TX Sites, only the .txt is required if you are running the DRM-Log Plotter V19. The other ones can be deleted.

Regarding the 20 kHz wide DRM, I will ask Ms. Gonin at USCG about it. I have received the Vatican with 20 kHz DRM with DReaM and with decoded audio, but I had to replace the ceramic Murata xx455G filter with a capacitor to get more IF bandwidth.

But like I mentioned in my note I was not able to find out what I "heard".

The TX antenna at Kodiak seems to be a non-directional job. The one they use now has a lower radiation pattern which is positive, but in my case the signal travels right over the North Pole. The odds are small that I will get anything at all here.

Digger 01-06-2017 15:04

20 kHz DRM?
Whatever wide DRM (or the like) I picked up around 12110 kHz, it was definitely not from the USCG. I got this confirmed today.

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