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tpreitzel 05-05-2018 12:29

DRM Documentation
DRM Introduction & Implementation Guide - V3:

Version 3 DOES impress me which is hard to do. ;)
Congratulations to everyone involved in creating this guide. The result is comprehensive, but readable. The layout is significantly improved over previous versions which aids comprehension. Ahem, the layout is NOT significantly improved over version 2, but the advertisements are removed. ;)

tpreitzel 20-03-2019 17:36

Version 4 of the currently named, "DRM Handbook"


Although the technical details impress me, this handbook could use a good editor. For example, never use "this" without a corresponding noun. The text could be significantly cleaner and more understandable with better editing.

tpreitzel 19-05-2020 19:37

Version 5 of the DRM Handbook has been released:


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