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PhilipOneL 12-02-2020 10:45

Avion DR1401 new parts
To renew a discussion that is buried inside another, I will bring those interested up to date on the replacement parts that Anjit at Avion sent me in late 2019. Included in what he sent was a new circuit board, with differences from the old one, and a new ferrite bar which, although somewhat bent, was also a couple of cm longer than the one in the radio. There were no instructions beyond Anjit's telling me I would have no trouble swapping the old for the new. I hoped the longer ferrite would make LW and MW reception better. And I assumed the hardware and firmware improvements would likewise make SW DRM reception better.

But I am not handy at all. However, a neighbourhood television repair shop is operated by three brothers, the oldest of whom is "the stereo guy." That means he does old-fashioned circuit and board repairs. I brought my Avion DR1401 to the shop, along with the package containing what Anjit had sent me. I asked if they would, as Anjit said, simply replace the old parts with the new ones.

The Stereo Guy brought it all into his part of the shop and called me back several days later. He couldn't do it, he said. None of the new stuff fit inside the radio. So he gave it back to me.

I wrote Anjit, and the others at Avion whose email addresses I had, but there was no response from any of them.

So, despite receiving the "upgrade" parts, I still have my basic Avion radio set with no improvements.

tpreitzel 13-02-2020 21:54

Bizarre... Evidently the upgraded board is substantially different from the initial production. Probably, you'll need the advice of someone else with Avion's DRM receiver.

PhilipOneL 16-02-2020 15:58

Yes, but sadly the people at Avion won't answer my emails.

I suspect that it might go in a new box, add a speaker, a battery, and all the right switches, and it would work. But that's well beyond me!


Digger 22-02-2020 07:13


How much do you want for the stuff?

Ankit never answered to my e-mails after June 2018 (when he promised to send me the material "tomorrow").

Best regards,

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