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FritzWue 11-03-2020 17:49

DReaM not working any more
During decoding of Radio Kuwait last weekend DReaM crashed which never happened before.
When I start DReaM now the level meter on the main window always shows full scale red and DReaM does not work but causes high cpu load.
I am using VB-cable to connect my SDRplay RSP1A receiver to DReaM at 48 kHz 16-Bit.
When I turn the output level of VB-cable to zero or choose a different signal input the situation in DReaM stays the same.
I reinstalled a known working DReaM in another directory but the result stays the same in this windows 10 64-Bit on my DELL Latitude 3350.
All other applications are running including the SDRplay software, HDSDR, WinAmp and more.

Has anyone experience this effect before?
Problem with the Realtek sound driver? I wanted to ask before reinstalling it.
Any ideas?

AF4MP 11-03-2020 23:11

Hi Fritz,

I have had the same experience on my Win XP computer that I normally use for logging DRM transmissions (not the xHE-AAC ones).

Re-booting the computer solves the problem.

FritzWue 12-03-2020 16:17


Originally Posted by AF4MP
Re-booting the computer solves the problem.

Thank you Zyg, but unfortunately that doesn't help here.

AF4MP 12-03-2020 23:40

My apologies; I knew that you would have first carried out a reboot.

mitajohn 13-03-2020 10:34

I use the old Dream v1.6.1 more than 15 years on a Wxp pc, it crashes mainly during japing in the Station Dialog window. It crashes very rarely during logging.

For those who are using Dream on W10 (I do not):

I have noticed that after updating (W10 update 2020-2, v1909) my W10/64 pc, some of my programs have presented weird problems...

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