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Yeah, I've been looking at the 6-18 MHz version of PK Loop's SW antenna, but the manual tuning presents a problem for occasional use outdoors. I also looked very closely at AOR's new LA-400 and simply drooled over it, but never seriously considered purchasing it for ~ $550 from Universal Radio. Since I live in a colder climate where SW reception degrades significantly from Oct 15 through Mar 15, I've decided on purchasing Pixel Pro's RF-1B. The RF-1B is currently being sold for delivery in the continental USA with "free" shipping, i.e. no additional cost over the $450, yes $450, price for the antenna with 50' of quad-shielded RG-6 cable.... <sigh> ...

I'm quite sure the results will be worth the price.... I repeat. Your average SWL is NOT going to spend $450 on an outdoor antenna to listen to DRM broadcasts. I sometimes wonder if I could buy Wellbrook's ALA-1530 series antenna and have it shipped to the USA cheaper than spending $450 for the RF-1B, though.

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