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Originally Posted by ianf
This antenna is certailnly better than the Degen, which I suppose its cost reflects. Its well made, and high frequency performance is certainly improved by using a 12V battery in place of the 9V one.
Its marginally better at 6Mhz , but at 9Mhz etc its really good, its easier to 'peak' having a wider peak. I think its also better at noise rejection, I often get decoded audio on 1 bar SNR on the Newstar rather than requiring 2 on the Degen. Delivery is quick from Australia too, paying via PayPal.
Its helped me listen to more stations than I have picked up before, in the 9-11-12 Mhz bands.
I will give more updates as I learn more

Since you're selling Newstar's DR111 on Amazon in the UK, I wonder if PK Loop would be open to reselling their standard frequency (6-18 MHz) SW loop in the UK since it's apparently a good match for the DR111. Seriously, the retail price of these magnetic loop antennas needs to be under $200 generally.

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