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Disregard post #17. At the last minute, I chickened out because I really don't want to spend $450 to primarily listen to DRM broadcasts. Instead, I decided to first try Miracle Antenna's MMDs31 physically end-fed, but electrically center-fed dipole. Yes, an experienced amateur can probably build an equivalent antenna for a fraction of the cost. Personally, my time is more expensive than the $120 to ship this antenna to me. Yes, by the time I'm done tinkering around with less capable antennas, I'll still probably finish my journey through antenna land by spending the $450 for a magnetic loop anyway. But before I do, I'll probably spend $200 for LF Engineering's H-900 if the MMDs31 doesn't do any adequate job.

I'm moving these explorations in non-magnetic loop antennas into other threads, though.
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