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I'm hesitant to write a review since I've basically decided to use the RF-Pro 1B INDOORS instead of outdoors where it rightfully belongs. My review wouldn't do the Pro 1B justice. Suffice it to say, the Pro 1B is an impressive antenna since I use it indoors inside a dwelling with METAL SIDING and can still receive many MW broadcasts via skywave at night. On shortwave, I can still receive some of the stronger signals indoors with the Pro 1B, but my MMDs-31 is far superior on the shortwave bands since it's located outdoors. Maybe, I'll move and mount the RF-Pro 1B outdoors one day. Outside and mounted on a rotor, I can just imagine the number of signals, both shortwave and MW, that the RF-Pro 1B would find. In my electrically noisy indoor environment, I've found a location where the Pro 1B successfully nulls the noise generated by the PC and the sound from my Meduci MW-2 receiver is simply stellar on some local MW stations. This latter combination is so good that I can easily distinguish between stations broadcasting clean signals and those stations that broadcast distorted signals. In fact, I rarely listen to FM broadcasts now as I prefer clean MW broadcasts. If I can just encourage local broadcasters to switch to AM stereo... Wow!

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