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I'm posting the YouLoop in this thread tentatively. I haven't really investigated this loop to see if it fits in this thread. I'll revise as necessary.

P.S. I've experimented a bit with this antenna and it's worth purchasing for its portability, cost, resistance to noise, and good performance. My active magnetic loop is noticeably more sensitive than the YouLoop, but it's also much more expensive and requires an external source of power. Since I only use electrically quiet equipment (including cables), my residence is very quiet electrically so the noise floor is very low anyway. Regardless, the quality of the audio is very clean with the YouLoop. I suspect even in electrically noisier environments that the YouLoop would still perform very well. I'll watch any developments of the YouLoop to see if it can be improved via advanced materials, preamplifier, etc.

Personally, I think the YouLoop could significantly help to revive listening to broadcast media over MW, SW, and FM. Without any amplification, just don't expect high signal levels. Levels will generally be quite low, but clean on stronger signals. It's a very important development to bring to the marketplace.

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