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Old 04-09-2017, 20:58   #46
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Originally Posted by F1BJB
I don't agree that forbidding anything will promote DRM.
On the contrary dynamic changing of modes and frequency according to
target,content and propagation should be promoted.
It will help detecting receivers with too limited features.
Feedback from listeners should allow broadcasters to choose the best mode.


Although dynamic changing of modes would be better than any static configuration, thousands of logs have clearly demonstrated that 64 QAM modulation has problems on shortwave bands. Modulation of 64 QAM was clearly intended for AAC+ codecs on the MW band, not HF. Consequently, xHE-AAC was added to the DRM standard primarily for use on HF at LOW bit-rates. Hence, we'll have to agree to disagree on that issue.

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Old 06-09-2017, 21:43   #47
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I was listening to HWN on 7268 kHz (LSB) during the early morning hours last night and the discussion was riveting as I tracked hurricane Irma through the Caribbean just east of Anguilla, home of the Valley SW station. I used the map of the Caribbean in WRTH. Irma was intensifying as it passed near Barbuda. Naturally, the Valley on 6090 kHz was off the air earlier than scheduled. I wonder how the Valley fared this onslaught.

I'm confident that DRM will one day play a major role on the SW bands during disasters such as this unfortunate one. Irma isn't done yet and I'll be listening. Hopefully, one day I'll be reading data via DRM and SW about such events.

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Old 10-09-2017, 20:44   #48
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Millions of Potentially New Listeners One Disaster Away

The title says it all. Younger generations WILL turn to radio as have PAST generations simply because it works under severe conditions. The infrastructure does NOT fail except for brief periods and always recovers by itself and without cost. Younger generations, even this older generation poster , expect digital capability, not some boring analog broadcaster. DRM will benefit as a result.

The idea that younger generations will ALWAYS ignore OTA broadcasting is both silly and ignorant. Younger generations are just a disaster away from becoming new listeners.

With the aforementioned said, OTA broadcasting will need to become more on-demand, though, with shorter and greater variety. Future DJs will basically be researchers. Both the Spynet and Spyphone can accommodate immediate interaction when desired. Personally, I prefer more secure mail.

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