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Old 02-08-2017, 09:03   #1
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Opus and Diveemo help

I am considering doing some test transmission and reception using Opus codec.

The reason I would do this is xHE-AAC is not available neither transmission or reception in DReaM at this time, same problem with the elusive Diveemo.

I know that a few individuals have probably burn the midnight oil, maybe got some working but for some reason its never complete or published in a form which others less capable of compiling out of date and interdependent software can make work.

I thought of this today after finding why a brand new Samsung A520f phone with an octa-core processor does H.265 video but cannot play Ogg Vorbis audio file - which is the format I saved my reception files of DRM from DW and others when they were on the air. Android 6 does Opus and Vorbis just the container extension needs to be added to the filename (but I got it going with VLC player installed after chucking out the Samsung player)

It got me thinking if Android 6+devices now support Opus (presume encoding and decoding) then with a multicore processor it should be able to run an SDR and DReaM decoding with one.
I thought of downloading the ADK but the requirements for the host PC to run development of Android 6 are far beyond what I have available to run it.

So rather than wait for xHE-AAC to be made available in DReaM (maybe never?) is it more practical to set up a version with Opus encoding and decoding? RPi3 might be a good processor to try this on.

Then I'd be able to do some better transmission tests with the best possible audio quality and Pstereo

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Old 08-09-2017, 05:35   #2
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Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: New Zealand
Posts: 54
I found some info here (DRM wiki on Sourceforge seems to be broken)

And pleased to report that the installation of 2.11 works perfectly well when Opus (the only codec available) is selected

64/16 @ 10kHz mode A with prot. level 2 or 3 results in a good listening result in stereo

sounds much better than the AAC mono feed using same parameters.
Of course I cannot do xHE-AAC and DReaM cannot receive that anyway.

So there is a fork in the road, experimenters will use Opus and storebought radios are stuck with AIR programme

Titus II possibly configurable with Opus
Hope Gospel can include it especially the latest SDR box

I'm playing with a PiPo tablet and Rpi2 but not convinced they are able to form a useful DRM radio
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